Episode 1. Farewell to the Big S

Why story? Stories slow us down; minimize risk; connect us; help us feel less lonely or "abnormal"; bring light to shadowed places; make science accessible; help decision makers feel the real effects of their choices; and capture the truths of diverse experiences, solutions, struggles, and joys.

Guest: Screenwriter, singer, actress, storyteller Mariangélica Duque on storytelling; her move from Bogotá, Colombia, to Santa Barbara, California; and creating story in a new place.  

Links from episode 1

Sing it Out, the teens of AHA and Mariangélica Duque at the Lobero on April 30

Anima, Theatre of the Feminine Underground at Center Stage on May 31

Two truths for the Crimean border depending on where you're located

The Heart podcast (Note: not necessarily for sensitive listeners or kiddos)

Amigos Para Siempre - la música de Oki Doki

And one more from Oki Doki - Paren No Desparen


Credits: Music on this episode composed and performed by Alanna Leavy and Matthew Starley. A cappella musical guest, Mariangélica Dunque. Creative guidance by Colin L. Created in part in KJUC, the AM studio of KCSB. Produced by Holly Starley.